Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Bookmark and a Wristband

    For the past weekends, a friend and I were into food. Like we ate as if there's no tomorrow.  We just had rice meal and then we suddenly thought of eating pizza. Wow! That's one hell of carbohydrates. What a heavy meal for us.

    One pizza resto became our favorite hang out when we feel like we wanted to have a full stomach. Hahaha! We only wanted to be satisfied when we eat.

    Upon eating, we suddenly noticed that there is a campaign 'We Feed for Peace'. You've got to buy a bookmark for Php20, a wristband for Php40 or both the bookmark and wristband for Php50 and the money will go especially to the children in Mindanao who were greatly affected by the ongoing war. 

    We thought of buying these items to help these children. We are lucky that we can eat 3 meals everyday and also get a chance to savor foods not usually served at home.   

    Since I love reading, I opted for the bookmark while Dorris wanted to have the wristband. Our frugality struck again and we choose to buy both for Php50 and we get Php10 less for the two items. 

    We are proud of what we did. We showed what we bought to our friends and tell them what we did. Most of them were encouraged to do the same thing. We eventually became advocates of the campaign.

    'We Feed for Peace.' I hope this will serve as an inspiration. Even a small deed can be helpful when done by a number of persons.

Disclaimer: This post was taken from my Multiply account written on December 5, 2008 at 12:55 AM.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bed Time Stories..

     I just got my new stock of second hand books from on online store here at Multiply. I was very happy to see that I'll be having 'new books' to read.

    My cellphone will surely be inactive. Well, not totally since I have to stay connected to that one person who can't live without a single message coming from me.hahaha You know who you are.

    With my current shift at work, the only thing that I can do is take time to read before I sleep. I can live without music and television for weeks. Anyway, I will always be updated when I come to work.

    I will only pick that remote control and turn on the TV when I know that my favorite team is playing or I missed watching my 'used to be' favorite TV series, Numbers. I already missed Charlie and Don Eppes.

    Anyway, with the books that I already have, I'll just read some pages and  then go to sleep. And I wouldn't care if there is a noise pollution going on. I have read, my eyes are tired and I am exhausted.

    Goodmornight is all that I can say.. 

*the product of my unorganized ideas..

Disclaimer: This post was taken from my Multiply account written on December 4, 2008 at 05:39 AM.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The First of Firsts

It's the first week of 2010 and I just thought of writing my first blog post. I intend to have at least one post per week, I'm hoping.

I almost started the year right with the proper plans especially for work. Despite the long vacation, I still don't feel like working. I need to finish the series that I'm watching. I need to watch some soap opera that I've followed during the break. And I need to finish reading the second Mary Higgins Clark book.

During the holidays, there's nothing else to do except visit some friends, join the family gatherings, eat a lot and sleep more than the usual number of hours. I enjoyed what I'm doing. It's rare to experience these things especially for a working person.

But then, there's always this going back to reality thing and that's going back to work. Alright! I have to. I am expecting load of tasks from my client. And there's no mistaking from it. Three big tasks are waiting for me. As usual, there will always be a tasks with unclear instructions and lacking details. I won't curse. But I really hate this. I have to wait for my client to ask questions.

So some things were already figured out. Time to ease rest the eyes and the deteriorating brain. I missed Facebook and chitchats in the virtual world. Time to check some friends who are in far away places and to catch up with what they are doing.

One friend just can't wait. She badly needs to hear some news. Time to talk to her.