Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bed Time Stories..

     I just got my new stock of second hand books from on online store here at Multiply. I was very happy to see that I'll be having 'new books' to read.

    My cellphone will surely be inactive. Well, not totally since I have to stay connected to that one person who can't live without a single message coming from me.hahaha You know who you are.

    With my current shift at work, the only thing that I can do is take time to read before I sleep. I can live without music and television for weeks. Anyway, I will always be updated when I come to work.

    I will only pick that remote control and turn on the TV when I know that my favorite team is playing or I missed watching my 'used to be' favorite TV series, Numbers. I already missed Charlie and Don Eppes.

    Anyway, with the books that I already have, I'll just read some pages and  then go to sleep. And I wouldn't care if there is a noise pollution going on. I have read, my eyes are tired and I am exhausted.

    Goodmornight is all that I can say.. 

*the product of my unorganized ideas..

Disclaimer: This post was taken from my Multiply account written on December 4, 2008 at 05:39 AM.

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